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Our apps and widgets are being used world wide on millions of devices

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What we worked on?

Our apps and widgets are being used worldwide on millions of devices

Emoji Party for Chromecast
Use your phone to compete against your friends in a funny battle for points. Guess movie titles based on emoji pictures, use action cards to fight you friends, be fast and win this game.
Emoji Party for Chromecast is a party game for the big screen.
Hollywood Emojis
We made our popular Chromecast game Emoji Party in a second version where you can play it on the road. Guess the movie, earn coins, have fun. Hollywood Emojis is an easy, simple and totally addictive little quiz.
Our Emoji Party for Chromecast now as a standalone app!
Vodafone Smartflow
Vodafone Smartflow is a live wallpaper featuring a collection of stunning images. Users can customize their wallpapers with their own images and set up animated backgrounds on the lock screen or the home screen.
This live wallpaper makes your home and lock screens look alive and amazing.
Vodafone Smart DayView
Smart DayView is the standard time, weather and calendar widget on a big variety of Vodafone Android devices. It also shows your important events and detailed weather information for a chosen location in real time.
This preinstalled widget lets you see all the important information at once!
Vodafone Smart Tips
You need some help figuring out all of the possibilities of your new phone? Smart Tips for Vodafone is a widget that showcases the functionalities of your new mobile device in the convenient form of scrollable cards! Widget that showcases the functionalities of your mobile device!
This preinstalled widget makes your life easier with quick tips about your device!
Vodafone Tausch Rausch
You want to trade your old phone? Vodafone allows you to turn in your old mobile phone and you will receive the phone of equivalent value! Use this app to see what your options are and where are the nearest Vodafone shops!
With the help of the Tausch Rausch app you can easily recycle your old devices in Vodafone shops!
Trivia Bash for Chromecast
Trivia Bash for Chromecast is a social trivia game for the big screen! Compete with your friends in this fast game of general knowlege and go for the win! This game will be avaliable soon on Google play! Stay tuned!
Another fun mutiplayer Chromecast game in the making!
Friend Connect for Facebook
Vodafone Friend Connect is a clever app for your phone that makes adding friends on Facebook easier than ever. With Friend Connect there’s no searching, just tap a button and it finds your friend for you.
Find your friends on Facebook without wasting much time!
Vodafone Accessory Store
You are in need of a new set of headphones? Cases? Chargers? Vodafone Accessory Store is a preinstalled tool for a large variety of smarphones with extensive accessories! Use this app to make your shopping experience pleasant and stress free.
This preinstalled application makes your accessory purchases much easier!
Alarm Widget for Abus Secvest IP
The Alarm Widget shows the actual state of an ABUS Secvest IP alarm system and can turn it on and off with only a finger touch.
Alarm Widget for Secvest IP
Camobi Control
App for controling the camobi device with an Android smartphone. You can visit Camobi.de for more information about the devices!
App for controling the camobi device with an Android smartphone.
Zertisa device manager
This application designed for Zertisa is a barcode scanner for mobile devices. Once scanned the app displays the information about the device.
Device scanner on your Android phone!

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Thomas Hollwedel,
Vodafone Group Services GmbH

Troido is getting things done! Fast, fair, efficient and always reliable. I worked with different staff from troido on many of our mobile products and always appreciated that we successfully launched on time and budget.

Nabil Ben Said,
net mobile AG

About troido I can say that they are a group of outstanding programmers. They are highly efficient, great problem solvers and brilliant thinkers. It’s always a pleasure to work with them!

Robert Konopka,
Zertisa GmbH

... More than that, they take your idea and take it to a whole new level. It’s very rewarding to work with professionals who love what they do.

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