Аre you 100% satisfied with your app project?


We offer a full software project audit supported by modern AI tools to show you possible code errors, legal problems, bad team-communication, usability problems, security issues, inefficient processes and more.
If you are not sure that your project is all legit, give us a call and we will help you!

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Topics of the audit

  • Code Analysis

    With static code analysis using rules and AI we find inefficiencies and bugs before they occur. We also check for the used libraries and their versions . We analyze the used architecture and general code quality.
  • Documentation

    The documentation analysis checks the presence and quality of the documentation and code comments. Not only the documentation of the app matters but also of the used development and deploying processes.
  • Testing

    How good is the code coverage (unit-tests)? Are the tests run automatically on build? Is there automated UI-testing?
  • Code Versioning

    Analysis of the versioning availability, strategy, effectivity and traceability.
    Is your team using git, jira, asana and such to their full potentials?
  • Build tools

    Can you build your app and documentation with one click while all tests are run automatically or is this a costly manual process?
  • License Check

    We together with our legal department analyze if all used licenses in the project are followed and if no viral licensing is present.
  • GDPR Check

    GDPR T&C are mandatory but can vary regarding the data your app uses and processes. Our legal department has this covered.
  • Development Process Evaluation

    Is your development process optimal in order to prevent bugs and miscommunications?
  • Process Evaluation/Team Performance

    How is the team performing as whole? Do you have black sheep the team is covering?
  • Manual Test

    Our testers perform a complete manual test of your app to identify possible errors, critical as well as minor.
  • BLE Analysis

    BLE is a bumpy road full of holes. We help you analyze them and drive safely around.
  • Load and Performance Test

    With putting high loads on usage we identify possible bottlenecks in your app as well as in the backend and the communication between the two.
  • Analytics

    How good is your crash and usage analysis? Do you get informed about all occurring crashes and problems? Do you know which parts of your app the users like or not?
  • UX / Usability Analysis

    Our UX experts go through the app and check the user-friendliness and accessibility.
  • Security Analysis

    We check the used cryptography, protection of user data, secure communication and known problems of the mobile systems.


1. Audit process

After determining which areas you would like us to inspect, we do the audit with the dedicated experts and create an extensive report.

2. Presentation workshops

After the audit we organize a workshop to lead you through our findings and consult about the actions to be taken.

3. Active help

If needed, our experts directly help you improving your project, the processes, the legal parts and more, either by doing the work on our premises or by working directly with your team.


Of course.

Our experts can work on your premises and directly in your team to improve the processes and the communication as long as it takes.

We certainly can. If you like us to improve your code-base, we will estimate the time needed for this and start working on your code. You can choose how much time you want to invest and which bugs you would like us to solve.


In a first call, we can take a quick look and advise what would in our opinion be good to analyze but it is your decision and free choice what will be analyzed in the end.

Yes, you will get a nice and extensive report of all findings as well as steps to take for their resolution.

Depends strongly on the availability of the needed experts and the scope of the audit.