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What is Flutter?

Flutter is a new and modern combination of programming language and framework for creating cross-platform applications that run natively on iOS, Android, Web and Desktop. This means that you can write your code once and run it (almost) everywhere.

WHY Flutter?


    Flutter lets you write the code of your App once and run it on different platforms. Cut costs and time by not repeating the work!

    Flutter apps are translated into native code for every platform it runs on. Therefore they execute at the same speed as pure native apps.

    With Flutter SDK we can ensure superb UI!
    The built-in widget library with material design makes Flutter one of the most chosen frameworks for application development.

    Write the code for all platforms only once, deploy for all platforms at the same time.



We design first - then we develop. Turning your idea into a wireframe-prototype we can agree on the end-product avoiding big changes during the development.


We cover the entire flow of the development process - from the Wire Frame, up to the well-tested and ready to use app.


We can port your existing apps, both iOS and Android, to Flutter reusing the resources, architecture and existing business logic.


We’re always there to assist you with any queries and concerns after the initiation of the development where we provide full maintenance and support.


Generally, Flutter application development cost is less than native app development for multiple platforms. However, it depends on the complexity of the solution, required integrations of 3rd party services and device features, as well as development team rates.
If you target only one platform anyway, it might be more cost-effective to go native directly

There are several benefits to developing with Flutter. The main reason why customers choose cross-platform development is cost-effectiveness and faster development time in comparison to the native development approach. If compared to other cross-platform apps, Flutter-based apps are closest to the native ones in terms of performance.
With Flutter, you get the best time-to-market for your app!

Troido builds Flutter apps that show performance and productivity closest to native apps. We ensure scalability and high quality of the developed solutions by keeping close contact with clients, investigating deeply their needs, and using only proven third-party libraries. As well, we follow Apple and Google UI/UX guidelines, and data protection laws.

Yes. We’re a fully equipped company with an experienced team, technical proficiency, and a comprehensive technological stack, that will migrate your existing mobile app to Flutter.

Flutter is a good choice for almost any application. However, there are some types of apps, where developing a highly productive app on Flutter would cost as much as or even more than native development. It includes games, photo/video editing tools, streaming apps, fitness trackers, and some others. At Troido, we always discover our clients’ ideas to identify which technology and approach fit the best.

OUR HAPPY customers

For our female friendship app called friendsUp we were looking for a new developer team. The goal was and is the further development of the Android and iOS app, as well as the backend. Only few developers and IT agencies have competences in all areas, but already at the first video conference the owner and his team convinced us with their profound problem analysis and consulting.

Philipp Hildebrand,

Founder of FriendsUp

Troido is an excellent software partner for us, supporting us in the area of mobile frontend and digital twin. Troido has always convinced us also as a strategically innovative partner with good ideas and a direct subsequent practical implementation, always to our complete satisfaction.

Dr. Andreas Hunscher

Schmersal Group

For more than 10 years Troido was our preferred android partner for different Vodafone Branded Devices applications at the Vodafone Terminal Innovations department in the Düsseldorf Headquarters. They built our Android and iOS version for the Vodafone Accessories App - the store solution for picking the right accessory for the specific mobile phone.

Iyer Vinay Chandran

Principal Business Development Manager
Vodafone Group