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Our references include mobile development, IoT, and BLE solutions for clients all around the globe. You can find out more about some selected projects here, we tried to find a good representation of our typical work. We hope you find them interesting.

Vodafone Shop

Troido created the first version of the multi-language shop using a fully customized Shopify and the Android and iOS apps. We made it possible for Vodafone phone users to have a more effortless shopping experience.

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We implemented an IoT-based piggy bank for the little ones for our customer, taking care of the firmware as well as large parts of the backend and the app for the Android platform.

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We helped the awarded German startup FriendsUp to increase stability, implement new features and add in-app payment which resulted in a rapidly growing user base leading to a massive revenue growth

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Dаnce for Düsseldorf

The world is becoming new and, above all, more digital every day. That’s why the city of Düsseldorf needed an application that is new, sophisticated, and helps visitors overall.

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